The reviews contained all the positives and negatives for customers when they used the websites to enjoy casino games. There was no holding back on the content of the reviews since Web Critiques wanted to hold all the websites accountable for providing their customers with quality content and sound customer service. Even though they reviewed websites from across the country, they focused primarily on the northeast section. Many of the websites they reviewed had their base of operations in that section of the country.

Their front offices would be in that section of the country and they could contact Web Critiques with ease should they not enjoy any of the content within their reviews.

At the end of the year, Web Critiques came out with a ranking of the best and worst online casinos. It was one of the most highly read casino blog posts of the year and it became a tradition over the last several years for owners of online casinos. The end of the year best and worst would often determine which online casinos had higher traffic volume the first few months of the year.

Normally, the list provided by Web Critiques would contain 10 of the best and 10 of the worst online casinos. They decided to mix things up this year and only ranked five of the best casinos and provided 20 of the worst casinos on their index rankings. One of the members of the Web Critiques team who is on the committee that decides the rankings was fearful of much backlash from some of the negatively ranked casinos.

They had never ranked so many casinos in a negative light, but this had been one of the worst years for online casinos. One of the other members of committee reassured that this year’s rankings were the right thing to do. There were too many online casinos that had missed the mark in their eyes. The performance of their websites was not up to par and they did not deserve to be ranked in the same category as the ones they thought truly deserved the praise.

The day of the rankings release had arrived and the public would see the best and worst online casinos in a matter of seconds. When the rankings were released, there was silence amongst the committee members at Web Critiques. They knew they were going to receive a flurry of phone calls soon and it would be filled with angry online casino owners wanting to know why their brand received such a low mark from Web Critiques. It happened every year and it would surely occur more frequently this year.


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