The best and worst rankings had been published for almost an hour now and there had not been one single call to the business. The staff began to think for once that there were not tons of wining and complaining over the rankings. That assumption turned out to be wrong once again, as the phone calls came piling in on a record pace. Web Critiques only had three members of their staff manning the phone lines. On this occasion, they would need more than three members of the committee answering phone calls from ticked off online casino owners.

They decided to initiate the automated voice answering machine in the event that the number of calls was too much for them to handle. The first three calls were answered simultaneously by the Web Critiques team and it was only the beginning for a whole day filled with complaints.

The negative calls took all day to get through and put the staff well behind on other work they wanted to do for other ventures besides casinos. The head of the committee, frustrated by the length of time it was taking to finish sorting through the bunch, suggested that the website change its own structure.

There were many members of the committee who did not want to alter anything with the structure of Web Critiques or their personal ranking system of online casinos and beyond. The head of the committee called for an emergency meeting to decide on the direction of their website.

Online casinos who received horrible reviews

In the end, the vote to leave everything exactly the way it was won out. The online casinos who received horrible reviews would have to deal with everyone knowing their brand performed poorly compared to their competitors. The following calls that were still full of complaints was dealt with in a positive, but forceful manner. There would be no leeway given to an owner of an online casino that displayed a temper tantrum over the phone.

Three months after the best and worst rankings by Web Critiques were released, the company received phone calls from several online casinos. All the owners who called asked the management of Web Critiques to view their website and give them a new ranking based on different parameters. The rankings published by Web Critiques was supposed to be unique and only were to be released once per year. The head of the committee thought it would ruin the integrity of their annual end of the year rankings. Altogether, there were eight online casino owners begging to have a different, more positive review of their brand.

After carefully thinking over the situation, the head of the committee decided to grant them the desired wish of redoing their review. However, little did they know that there was going to be a different rating scale they used to score their online casinos this time around. They were going to have to pass tougher tests and it would be much more difficult to secure a spot on the list of best online casinos.