This would be the beginning of the new scaling system, but the plan by the head of the committee was to really make things difficult for the online casinos who claimed they would have an improved performance. The rest of the committee was taken by surprise with how strict the new rules of grading were. They were instructed to write more blunt and harsh feedback.

When they played casino games on the different online casinos, the games had to be perfect or else receive a low score. If there was one thing they did not like about a specific casino game on a website, then it was to receive a low mark. If there was one design of the website layout that did not satisfy their taste, then they were instructed to leave a low mark. This rating system was designed to be brutal and unfair. That is how the head of the committee wanted it and he wanted the new rankings to reflect it for every online casino they reviewed.

When the new Web Critiques rankings were complete, there were only three online casinos that would be rated among the best casinos. The rest would be rated among the best casinos on the web. Many other members of the judging committee thought it was unfair, but none of them did anything to prevent the new rankings from being published on the site the next day. The head of the committee instructed everyone to ignore their phone lines for a couple days.

stricter rating system

He told them to let the ungrateful and spoiled owners of the online casinos sweat it out for a few days. He wanted to make them wait a few days before they got an explanation to why their ranking was probably lower after their complaints. The only two who he felt were justified in a complaint were the two online casinos that had switched from best to worst. It was an unfortunate occurrence so he made personal telephone calls to them to apologize.

After three days of the phones ringing nonstop, he told the rest of the members of the committee it was fine to answer them. They had nerve-wracking task of having to explain the new and stricter rating system of the Web Critiques best and worst online casinos. They all felt it was highly unfair, but the head of the committee did not care about their opinion. He was angry that the opinions and judgements of his committee were never respected by the online casino owners. He wanted to use this new rating system to teach them a lesson about respecting their decision instead of always whining about receiving an unfavorable review.

The Web Critiques ranking was a powerful tool on the internet that could make or break an online casino’s performance for the following year. He wanted to utilize that power to show their owners who was boss and that he had the power to make their brand soar or come crashing down in flames